A) Visual Power Series


How to create and deliver breakthrough online presentations. As your business shifts away from in-person meetings and towards more online presentations, this course will help you quickly build a new set of must-have online skills. (These tools apply to ALL major online conference platforms, including Zoom, Hangouts, GoToMeeting, WebEx, and Skype.)

In this two-hour intensive, you will:
Master a powerful set of online storytelling tools that will positively change how your colleagues think about remote presentations, no matter which platform you use.
Capture and retain your online audience’s attention as you deliver digital presentations that are fun to create and delightful to receive.
Build your own personal brand for go-to online clarity within your organization.
You will have unlimited access with no time limit.

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  • Welcome to Online Meeting Magic - Read this before your get started!
  • Lesson #1 - Why, agenda, and commitments
  • Online Meeting Magic- Why, agenda and commitment - Duration 12:33
  • Complete Program 1 Page Essentials - Handout
  • Lesson #2 - The tools, rules, and etiquette of online meetings that really work
  • Part 2 - The tool, rules and essential etiquette - Duration 14:43
  • The Online Meeting Magic Checklist - Handout
  • Lesson #3 - The 10-page PowerPoint “Let’s Make a Change” pitch template
  • The 10-page PowerPoint pitch template - Duration 26:54
  • The 10 Page PowerPoint - Handout
  • The 10 Page PowerPoint PPT file
  • Lesson #4 - The Visual Alphabet: Practicing simple drawing skills for impact
  • The visual alphabet- Simple drawing for high impact - Duration 15:06
  • The Visual Alphabet - Handout
  • Your RED BELT badge
  • Lesson #5 - Essential “Live Drawing” whiteboard frameworks
  • Seven essential whiteboard frameworks for visual engagement - Duration 11:36
  • The Whiteboard Frameworks - Handout
  • The Whiteboard Frameworks PPT file
  • Lesson #6 - On-screen drawing and mark-up
  • On screen drawing and Meeting MAGIC mark-up - Duration 13:30
  • The Magic Markup Checklist - Handout
  • Lesson #7 - Practice drills and skill-building assignments
  • Practice drills and building skills - Duration 15;14
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever