B) Applied Visual Thinking

Applied Visual Thinking FOUNDATIONS (AVT 1 FOU)

This course is where you learn the FOUNDATIONAL tools you need to become an Applied Visual Thinking SUPERHERO.
In this course you will use the Skill > Example > Activity > Reflect learning model to...
* Learn the building blocks of a visual alphabet and visual vocabulary so you can draw anything
* Master applying color, hierarchy, lettering styles, and basic diagrams to organize information
* Gain hands-on experience using the foundational tools
* Apply the visual power tools to visualize information quickly and clearly
* Learn to Apply Visual Thinking as your next SUPERPOWER

The FOUNDATIONS course includes:
* 9 self-paced video lessons
* Just under 1 hour of video content
* Plus approximately 90 minutes of hands-on practice activities
* And printable handouts and homework assignments to help you gain confidence, deepen skills, build fluency, and apply your visual thinking skills in fun, creative and useful ways.

At AVT we believe...
* Learning to work visually is within everyone's reach
* Learning these skills can and should be fast, easy, and fun
* Learning to work visually is a vital 21st-century skill
* Everyone, at all levels, must be ready, willing, and able to contribute to the conversation


Sheri Kennedy: Creative Thinking Master Trainer, Graphic Facilitator/Recorder, Fine Artist, and Graphic Designer with an Ed.M. in Arts in Education, a Graduate Certificate in Arts in Health, and a passion for turning ideas into images.

Deborah DeLue: Certified Master Visual Thinking Trainer, Graphic Facilitator, and Napkin Academy Community Manager with over 10 years of hands-on applied visual thinking experience.

  • Welcome to AVT FOUNDATIONS- Read this before your get started!
  • Introduction
  • Welcome to Applied Visual Thinking FOUNDATIONS - Duration 4:30
  • AVT FOUNDATIONS Handouts PDF file
  • Getting Started
  • Why be visual and the Visual Thinking Landscape - Duration 4:35
  • The Visual Alphabet - Duration 9:38
  • Simple Visual Vocabulary - Duration 5:00
  • Advanced Visual Vocabulary - Duration 13:07
  • Icon Mashups - Duration 10:35
  • Homework Assignment - Practice, Practice Practice!
  • Put it all together
  • Intro to Hierarchy & Color - Duration 7:56
  • Homework Assignment - Make a Poster!
  • Intro to Diagrams - Duration 13:13
  • Homework - Show Us Your Diagrams!
  • Before your go
  • Congratulations! - Duration 1:53
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever