B) Applied Visual Thinking


Applied Visual Thinking's CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAPPING learning plan is the first step on your path to becoming a Visual Thinking SUPERHERO! This learning plan includes two courses. In the first course, you'll learn the FOUNDATIONS of Applied Visual Thinking. In the second course, you’ll go on to use everything you've learned to create your own CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAPS and those of others live in real-time. When you clearly understand your customer's end-to-end experience with you and your organization, you will make customers happier.

You’ll use the Skill > Example > Activity > Reflect learning model to quickly
* Develop confidence
* Deepen skills
* Build fluency
* Gain hands-on experience organizing information visually
By the end of this course, you will have mastered the skill of creating CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAPS live in real-time.

In FOUNDATIONS you will...
* Learn the building blocks of a visual alphabet and visual vocabulary so you can draw anything
* Master applying color, hierarchy, lettering styles, and basic diagrams to organize information
* Gain hands-on experience using the foundational tools
* Apply the visual power tools to visualize information quickly and clearly
Learn to Apply Visual Thinking as your next SUPERPOWER

* Learn how mapping a customer journey helps you identify pain points, bottlenecks, and sources of dissatisfaction.
* Understand the different ways you can map a customer journey
* Recognize what all customer journey maps have in common
* Acquire skills in capturing customer experiences visually live in real-time, mapping the customer journey using
* Simple diagrams
* Icons
* Color and hierarchy to add clarity and create meaning
* Visualize possible improvements to your business that will transform your customer’s journey
* Create concise visuals that you can quickly, clearly, and confidently share with anyone
* Apply Your Visual Thinking SUPERPOWER

The LEARNING PLAN includes:
* 2 self-paced courses containing 15 lessons
* Just over 2 hours of video content
* Approximately 5 hours of hands-on practice activities
* Plus printable handouts and homework assignments to help you gain confidence, deepen skills, build fluency, and apply your visual thinking skills in fun, creative and useful ways.


Sheri Kennedy: Creative Thinking Master Trainer, Graphic Facilitator/Recorder, Fine Artist, and Graphic Designer with an Ed.M. in Arts in Education, a Graduate Certificate in Arts in Health, and a passion for turning ideas into images.

Deborah DeLue: Certified Master Visual Thinking Trainer, Graphic Facilitator, and Napkin Academy Community Manager with over 10 years of hands-on applied visual thinking experience.

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